BLACK PEARL 140 for Cello

The BLACK PEARL 140 Sound Base already contains many of the core elements built into our largest BLACK PEARLS 230 Sound Bases, making it our most powerful small vibration harmonizer.

The BLACK PEARL 140 Sound Base are particularly appealing to discerning cellists who want to maximise the sound potential and playability of their Violoncello and Bass with our SOUND BASES in 140 mm format.

A significantly wider dynamic range, along with an increased expressiveness and a whole new dimension of sound purity, are the special features of the BLACK PEARL 140 version. Playing a Violoncello, which is placed on the BLACK PEARL 140 from INSTRUMAGIC, represents both a challenge and an enriching experience at the same time.

"Once you have discovered playing the Violoncello or Grand Piano with the BLACK PEARL 140, you will find i hard to ever play without them again." - Hogen Yun, 2013 -