BLACK PEARLS 230 for Concert Grand Piano

The BLACK PEARLS 230 are our most powerful Sound Bases among the INSTRUMAGIC vibration harmonisers. They expand and enhance the sound potential of any Grand Piano or Concert Grand into a new level.
Due to their larger format, the BLACK PEARLS 230 Sound Bases are geared towards both passionate professional musicians and music colleges as well as towards recording studios and concert halls with particularly high demands on sound performance quality.
Now the BLACK PEARLS 230 also enhance the sound of all large-sized grand pianos with all of the tonal virtues of its little brothers, the 140 and 120. However, their inner structure, which is almost four times the size, reveals to the piano world a piano sound of unprecedented range, openness, and colourfulness.
With the BLACK PEARLS 230 Sound Bases, piano-playing reaches a new dimension of playful ease and expressiveness, and transforms both a practice session and a concert evening into a new emotional experience.
Diameter 230 mm
Height 42 mm
Width of Roll 145 mm
Storage Flight Case