21. February 2018
INSTRUMAGIC met Hélène Grimaud

Testing the brand new ROOM ACOUSTIC CLEARIFYER in Münchener Philharmonie Ms. Grimaud and her piano technician Hans Giese were very impressed of the sound enhancement from the older Steinway-D grand piano. Easily placed in the corner of the room and put the Power-On Button, the elegant sculptur - handmade in Germany - cleared up the Sound of the Steinway-D immediately.


07. March 2017
INSTRUMAGIC met Francesco Piemontesi

On the 07th of march 2017 Mr. Francesco Piemontesi received his own Instrumagic PES-System for improving the Performance of Steinway D-274 Concert Grand Pianos. His happy and proud parents were watching Mr. Piemontesi playing Beethoven at Kulturcasino Bern, while using his new INSTRUMAGIC PES-Set. Mr. Piemontesi and his parents were very impressed and touched by the sound improving effect of the Instrumagic PES-System.

The result was again a great concert evening with an outstanding and touching pianosound, powered by INSTRUMAGIC.


20. - 22. April 2016
INSTRUMAGIC met Leif Ove Andsnes

What a Moment for Leif Ove and the Instrumagic Team: Playin Schumann and Mendelssohn for 3 days at Münchener Philharmonie and receiving the personal-delivery by his new INSTRUMAGIC Performance Expanding Set D including introduction and concert support...

A happy Mr. Andsnes and 3 exciting days for our Instrumagic Team.

16. November 2015
INSTRUMAGIC met Leif Ove Andsnes
On a fantastic concert at Carnegie Hall / New York, Leif Ove Andsnes discover our youngest Performance Expanding System for Steinway Grand Piano. The D274, well prepared by Thomas Hübsch from Berliner Philharmonie and equiped with Instrumagic Power, gives us impressions from upcoming piano Performances.
5. October 2015
INSTRUMAGIC met Jean Muller

A great concert of Jean Muller in Mozartsaal / Alte Oper Frankfurt on a piano prepared by PianoSolo / Daniel Brech, and enhanced by INSTRUMAGIC, using the "Instrumagic Performance Expanding Set" especialy developed for the Steinway D 274 grand concert piano. Stay tuned for next impressions.

Your Instrumagic Team.

19. May 2015
INSTRUMAGIC met Helene Grimaud

We are going to support Helene Grimaud at her upcoming Concert on the 19th of May 2015 in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig with our youngest developement,...

The 22 pieces PES Set D for the Steinway D 274 Grand Concert Piano, which Helene has already used for her concert at the 20th of March in the Audimax in Regensburg.

But for the Concert in Leipzig we have prepared some additional surprises...

10. May 2014
INSTRUMAGIC met Helene Grimaud
Piano trial at Semper Oper Dresden. Helene Grimaud tests the Instrumagic vibration harmonizers - a new sound enhancing technology designed to eleminate the influence of floor resonance on the sound of a grand piano.
01. September 2013
INSTRUMAGIC met Pierre-Laurent Aimard
On Saturday the 1st of September INSTRUMAGIC met Mr. Pierre-Laurent Aimard in the Berliner Philharmonie for showing him the effect of the BLACK PEARLS 270 D with a STEINWAY D 274 Concert Grand Piano.
As a result Mr. Aimard played the second half of his concert with the BLACK PEARLS 270 D on that eveneing. It became the most wonderful Premiere for INSTRUMAGIC.
After the concert Mr. Aimard was excited of their effect and he`s looking foreward to meet us again for continueing his experience with our products.

23. August 2013
On friday the 23rd of august 2013 INSTRUMAGIC visited STEINWAY & SONS in Hamburg and demonstrated the BLACK PEARLS 230 D, as well the BLACK PEARLS 270 D with a STEINWAY D 274 Concert Grand Piano.
Now INSTRUMAGIC is looking foreward to meet the pianists around the world for showing them the wonderful effect of the BLACK PEARLS from INSTRUMAGIC.


08. Juni 2013
Premiere of the BLACK PEARLS with Hogen Yun

On saturday the 8th of june 2013 at a house-concert of Mr. Hogen Yun INSTRUMAGIC demonstrated for the first time live the effect of the BLACK PEARLS with a BECHSTEIN Grand Piano.

Introduced were the prototypes of the BLACK PEARLS 140 and the prototypes of the BLACK PEARLS 140 D

Both Mr. Yun and the audience were excited about the sound increasing effects. Particular the further increasing of sound with the BLACK PEARLS 140 D in comparison to the BLACK PEARLS 140 caused great astonishment.