Our MEISTERSTACHEL are all based on the very efficient and perfectly balanced INSTRUMAGIC Resonance-System, which for the first time derives rapidly all kinds of disruptive vibrations from the instrument, in order to achieve a new level of performance.

~ Classic Line ~

1 - CLASSIC ONE: Giving faster response, opens the sound and expands the dynamic range.
2 - CLASSIC TWO: Like the CLASSIC ONE, but with more intensity.
3 - CLASSIC THREE: Like the CLASSIC ONE, but with additional featherlight clarity.

~ Silver & Gold Line ~

4 - SYMPHONY SILVER: Gives the sound additional brilliance and a sparkling elegance.
5 - SYMPHONY GOLD ONE: Enriches the sound with beautifull warmth and colours.
6 - SYMPHONY GOLD TWO: Like the GOLD ONE, but with more definition.

~ Gemstone Edition ~

7 - EMERALD SILVER: Combines all virtues with the most brilliant sound.
8 - EMERALD GOLD: Like the EMERALD SILVER, but with a touch more warmth.
9 - RUBY: Gives a very open, warm and heart-touching sound.

Note! These sound descriptions very much depend on your instrument. We recommend to try all nine MEISTERSTACHEL with your instrument, to find your perfect match.