BLACK PEARLs for Grand Pianos

The BLACK PEARLs for Grand Pianos consists of a set of 3 PREMIUM Resonance Control Units to enhance the sound potential of any Grand Piano into a new level.

The BLACK PEARLS 140 Resonance Control Units are particularly appealing to discerning pianists who want to maximise the sound potential and playability of their grand piano with the BLACK PEARLS in 140 mm format.

A significantly wider dynamic range, along with an increased expressiveness and a whole new dimension of sound purity, are the special features of the BLACK PEARLS 140 version. Playing a grand piano, which is placed on the BLACK PEARLS 140 from INSTRUMAGIC, represents both a challenge and an enriching experience at the same time.

Due to their larger format, the BLACK PEARLS 230 Resonance Control Units are geared towards both passionate professional musicians and music collages as well as towards recording studios and concert halls with particularly high demands on sound performance quality with Concert Grand Pianos.

However, the inner structure of the 230s, which is almost four times the size of the modell 140, reveals to the piano world a piano sound of unprecedented range, openness, and colourfulness.


Diameter 140 or 230 mm
Height 33 mm
Width of Roll 76 or 145 mm
Storage Etuit or Flight Case