1. What is the -theory- behind the MEISTERSTACHEL?

A well constructed END-Pin derives the mechanical distortions out of the instrument as fast as possible. The End-Pins on the market we know, are far to slow in this, thats why they are usually damping the sound and limiting the response of the instruments and so to unleash their full potential.

The MEISTERSTACHEL are all "extremely fast", but depending on the internal structure of the meterials (one of our unique technologies and secrets), they do it in a very different ways.


2. How do the MEISTERSTACHEL  "work"?

As explained above, the MEISTERSTACHEL transport the mechanical vibrations and distortions extremly fast out of the instruments. That's beacuse of their different internal resonance structures, different coatings and intensities and different material selection grades. Every tiny change causes a significant change in sound and in the balance of their inner harmony.


3. Why always 3 + 1 holes?

We found out, that it is necessary to "break" the resonance-flow on the surface of the pin, for achieving the best result.


4. Why 3 holes to the front?

As we found out, the outgoing vibrations are flowing on the backside of the End-Pin out of the instrument, into the floor. There is only allowed and necessary ONE hole! Without a hole, the sound looses in precision and contour. With more than one hole, the sound became dull and reduced the dynamic.

Different again on the front of the End-Pin. Here are returning the reflective vibrations from the floor back to the instrument. Here it was necessary to place exactly 3 holes. Less were not enough. It always caused to many reflections from the floor. More holes again made the sound dull and reduced the dynamic.


5. Why the hole in the tip?

A massive tip has a slow vibration and causes a lot of ringing. That hole at a specific position opens the inner resonance tension and lets the vibration and energy flow much better.


6. What are the used materials?

Please understand, that this stays one of the secrets of INSTRUMAGIC.


7. How it comes to that price of the MEISTERSTACHEL?

Every single INSTRUMAGIC MEISTERSTACHEL, and every piece of it is handcrafted in Germany. We do many parts of the constructions by ourself, because it is very specific, and there are some secrets, we don't want to give out og our hands. From the material for 10 End-Pins, we can only create 6 or 7 End-Pins, because of our high demands on the materials.

INSTRUMAGIC produces handcrafted premium quality made in germany. We are a manufacturer with real craftsmanship. There are already several inexpensive products in the market, but because of our "rare knowledge of resonance flow and its balance", we decided to make something very special out of it.


8. Do you recommend 8mm or better 10mm EndPins?

The sound of the 10mm EndPin is a bit more intensive than the sound of an 8mm EndPin. But the advantages of stability while playing and for long term usage is much better with a 10mm EndPin. That's why we clearly recommend the 10mm EndPins.


9. Is the Tip changeable?

No! That would mean it would have to be boltable, which means it could come loose anytime while playing, which would be a desaster during a concert or a recording. That was never an option for us because we strive for perfection.

The Tips are made from specially selected hardened tool steel, so if you handle them carefully, they should last a lifetime.

We didn't want to use materials like tungsten for the tip because like lead it is very toxic, has a very low energy, and makes a very low and dull sound.

We tried materials like various ceramics and even diamond. But first of all, the sound was never as good as we needed it to be, and the tips always broke into pieces as soon as they hit even slightly a hard ground like stone.


10. Why INSTRUMAGIC does not show any visual graphs?

We know, that showing some visual graphs of the effect of our MEISTERSTACHEL could make some people more curious. But in our opinion, music is about heart touching and about emotions. And that can show no graph. INSTRUMAGIC does not develop machines or a power generator, where only measurements counts.

If WE would want to show the effect of the MEISTERSTACHEL on a screen, we would measure and show the colours of the aura of the musician and the listiner, while playing different END-Pins in comparison to the INSTRUMAGIC MEISTERSTACHEL. THAT would be important, and that would show, on what level INSTRUMAGIC is doing science and what our End-Pins are REALLY doing.


11. The best conditions for testing the MEISTERSTACHEL.

The less you're in your mind and the more you're going into your heart while testing, the more you'll hear, but especially FEEL what the MEISTERSTACHEL are giving you and the listeners for an enrichment.

For catching the differences the best, we always recommend to PLAY MUSIC and not to create only TONES! Because that is, what the MEISTERSTACHEL are developed for. For playing music from the heart. What means, that the heart is also listening and feeling to all the changes. The same comes to the audience. But if you're playing only tones, then the sound comes from the mind and without emotions. And so will be the sound. Emotionless.

The MEISTERSTACHEL were developed from great hearts and souls for connecting hearts and souls better through music.


12. How to start with the MEISTERSTACHEL democase?

We always recommend to start with the CLASSIC ONE. It usually shows immediately a significant improvement of performance with almost every cello or bass. If an instrument  does not go immediately in resonance with the CLASSIC ONE, we recommend to  continue with trying step by step the next model, until the one is found, which goes in perfect resonance with your specific instrument.

Some instruments react very much on the different MEISTERSTACHEL, others less. Thats why, the most expensive MEISTERSTACHEL is not always the best. It is always about finding your PERFECT MATCH.