ArtistsĀ“ comments on INSTRUMAGIC.

Leif Ove Andsnes with Instrumagic

Leif Ove Andsnes, Pianist

eliminates unpleasent string sounds
or mechanical sounds.
I have traveled for one year with my own
Instrumagic -Set for Steinway D 274,
and for me it has become an essential
component to my life as a concert pianist.
My experience is that the Instrumagic
pieces make the sound of the piano free,
it increases the range of colors and over-
tones, it has a precise projection in the hall,
and it often eliminates eventual unpleasent
string sounds or mechnaical sounds.
I have had several experiences in concert
halls where I have felt that the piano
changes radically when the Instrumagic Set
is added, from a two- to a three-
dimensional sound.
- Leif Ove Andsnes, april 2017 -


Hogen Yun

Hogen Yun, Conductor
"This is a revolution!"
Once you have played with the Black Pearls 140 D from INSTRUMAGIC, it is very difficult to play without them ever again. It is so impressive just how powerful and magnificent the Grand Piano sounds with them.

From the lows all way up to the highs, the 140 D give the respective tones power from the depths and crystal clarity. To me as a conductor, now it sounds like a great orchestral sound with various instruments.


With INSTRUMAGIC, pianists can experience a wealth of previously undiscovered and unheard sounds. As a result, the art of playing the piano will soon take on new dimensions. I m sure that in the future, all soloists will only want to play piano with the Black Pearls of INSTRUMAGIC, once they have tried them out like me.
- Hogen Yun, 2013 -